Artist Watch: Fallin' In Love With BenZel

Monday, December 10, 2012

Just when I think, "Oh! 2012 is cooked and done! Time to rustle up the ol' end-of-the-year list!', I'm always halted by new sparkling sound scragglers dropping down here and there, leading me to make my best of 2012 list even longer and tougher to crack than before.

Like Disclosure and Dev Hynes, New York-by-Osaka soulsters BenZel have become a part of my producers of note for the year.

I forgot to mention and/or was in a state of shock over how glorious they took over Brownstone's classic "If You Love Me" recently. Not only did they master the perfect cover-that-doesn't-sound-like-a-cover tactic, they added Jessie Ware in the mix just to make me spaz out even more.

They have recently touched down again with "Fallin' Love", an instrumental track that grinds a good groove, and since they are keeping the 90's thingamajig going, they just interloped SWV's "Can We" (you know the really slick joint by Missy Elliott and Timbaland from the group's terribly underrated 1997 album, Release Some Tension?) into its mix. Also Craig David's misbegotten 2008 single, "Insomnia" is nestled in there too to craft "Fallin' Love" into its own unique song. So yeah, BenZel is on my "good folks" list as they have wooed me with the power and soul of the 90's and Mr. Craig David (as well as free downloads...), and I hope they'll be on your list too of good-ly delights before the year is out.

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