AlunaGeorge Continue To Attract

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Many a snarling put-down song has been in our midst, but AlunaGeorge's "Attracting Flies" doesn't bite or even bark. No, it ever so honeysuckle sweetly tells their targeted aggressor that they are well...full of sh*t. Aluna Francis cooing "everything you exhale is attracting flies" adds to making this one of the classiest put-down songs I've ever heard. It plays quite cutely as the copious amounts of bubbling synths and perky 90's styled pop rhythms lead you to believe, but this is some smart and snappy pop that has wit for days, making this yet another winner for the duo. They are quite unstoppable at this point, as "Attracting Flies", to me, bests even a lot of their other bankable tracks like "Diver" and "Body Music", but still "Your Drums, Your Love" and their fabulous Disclosure number, "White Noise", remain quite untouchable. Still I can't wait to utilize "attracting flies" into my put-down lexicon, because sometimes it's just better to be clever than flat-out crass.

So come on July 1st, get here so we can have Body Music already!

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