Monday, February 25, 2013

So the Academy Awards happened last night. It was a boring clusterball of disappointment as most award shows go, but I was particularly charmed by the adorable Quvenzhane Wallis, Jennifer Lawrence (her gracious fall and Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper sweeping in to the rescue), both Halle Berry's and Charlize Theron's dresses, and the fact that I predicted most of the top winners (I should have betted). Usually I tell myself that I'm never going to watch the Academy Awards because it breeds banality, favoritism, and superficiality, but I end up doing so and find myself wasting three hours, being cynical, talking smack on Twitter, and prepping my very own Best Actress Oscar speech in one shameful haze. This year I was suckered in after hearing they were to celebrate music in film, focusing on musicals from the last decade (ChicagoDreamgirlsLes Miserables) and 50 years of the James Bond franchise. Kewl. Naturally, Adele and Dame Shirley Bassey were the highlights of the night for me as I was grinning foolishly and acted out hand movements while they belted out their prospective Bond film theme songs. Disappoint they didn't.

Adele, all bejeweled and making me feel like an underachiever, took to giving "Skyfall" a seamless and tender performance, nary a over-singing moment in it. The girl is going to have to start slashing puppies throats for me to hate her at this point, cause no wrong can she do as she topped the evening off with taking home the Oscar for Best Original Song. Auntie in my head, Madame Bassey, gave a life giving performance as she served up some sass and a master class in diva-tude for the legendary, "Goldfinger", proving that at 76 years of age her voice is still as pristine as ever.

Two effortless performances that didn't need all the extra theatrics to get the point across. Witness class after the cut.

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