Take 5 Friday: Take 5 Jams [Round #4]

Friday, February 22, 2013

Reheating leftovers of the week since I last blogged...

As you can tell, yes, I'm back. Recharged (even after a bout with the flu this week) and ready to music blog the sh*t out of your life! Right now, I'm like a baby lamb trying to gather its bearings for its first walk as I go through my backlog of music that I want to/not want to talk about (and a lot of it I talked about elsewhere). I decided the best thing was to do a Take 5 Jams post and just highlight the five best that I heard during my mini-vacay. Okay? Alright.

1. White Noise - Disclosure (feat. AlunaGeorge)
Never was I one for math, but adding Disclosure and AlunaGeorge together and getting the delicious solution that is "White Noise" has me re-thinking mathematics as a whole. AlunaGeorge has already staked a claim on making 2013 their year with their long-anticipated debut, Body Music arriving shortly, so them going all 80's freestyle on this ricocheting synthesized treat is just a little added frosting to what is their building discography. To multiply this equation, there is a killer re-fix of "White Noise" from MNEK that you should also check out.

2. Poetic Justice - Elli Ingram
I'm the loser who hasn't really been checking for Cali rappin' whiz kid Kendrick Lamar even though he's been on the tip of everyone's tongue for the last couple of months or so. Call me late, call me crazy, call me whatever, but at the moment, (and in my usual indie snob way) I'm kind of consumed with UK newcomer Elli Ingram and her refreshing refashion of Lamar's "Poetic Justice". Her actually singing the refrains from Janet Jackson's panty-dropper classic "Anytime, Anyplace" was reason enough for me to tune in but....get a load of that voice as she takes to task Lamar and Drake's verses. Talent. Ms. Ingram may only have a couple of songs to her name, but if this is indication of what is to come, you bet we'll be hearing more from her as the year presses on.

3. Ocean - Alice Smith
Maybe there is such a thing as miracles. The elusive Alice Smith is indeed returning with a second album this year. Yes, you can give For Lovers, Dreamers, and Me a well-deserved rest for awhile, and begin to wear out She, Smith's next album that's arriving March 19th (and that is an actual due date!). Smith has been slyly preparing for her return as last year she released "Cabaret" in what was a whisper. Now she slips back in with the alluring "Ocean" which waves in and out from an acoustic-blues thang into a shimmering tropical bounce, with Smith's recognizable alto adding a little roughness to the pot. You can take a listen to "Ocean" here.

4. So What If It Is - The Foreign Exchange
It's been buzzing that Love In Flying Colors is arriving soon, but in the meantime the guys of the Exchange want us to dive into a 2-disc set of remixes from the FE+ camp. FE+ Music: The Reworks will feature refashions from label mates and friends like Zo!, Questlove, 4hero and others, but also tacked on that list is some brand new Exchange coming in the 8-minute House stunner, "So What If It Is" that features Carlitta Durand and Damarius Fletcher on vocalizing duties. I will admit that I wasn't the too keen on FE+'s last album, Authenticity, but if they intend on going in this direction for Flying Colors...well, color me excited.

5. Superstitious Heart - Little Boots
So can Little Boots keep my interest after the excellent, "Every Night I Say A Prayer" and the equally good, "Headphones"? "Superstitious Heart" proves that yes, yes, she can. Her makeover into spacey dance floor trance has been all around divine and has made me ravenous for a brand new album. "Superstitious Heart" follows in "Prayer's" moody guise sans the epic flavoring, but not it is far from being shabby as this is some deep dish House to sink your teeth into. Listen in on "Superstitious Heart" here.

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