Looking Around, Seeing Roisin Murphy

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roisin Murphy is baaaack...erm, sorta.

While there isn't any news about Murphy and a new album (and why isn't there any news?!), she taunts us with another guest spotting jaunt, this time re-joining beat guy, Boris Dlugosch after 2001's "Never Enough" for "Look Around You", a pouncing and glistening deep House number that has Miss Murphy, once again, dipping back in those Moloko days. You might have heard this track eons ago as a stingy little 50 second teaser, but by the grace of the dance gods, the song is now in its full bloom. Even though I'm loving the groove, all this is just another placeholder as I'm still foaming at the mouth for that darn third album. I mean, you just don't drop the perfect Overpowered and then leave for six years, Roisin...you just don't torture like that.

Since the song has been stripped from YouTube (the copyrights are that deep, huh?), you can stream it here for now.

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