No Changes For Tricky

Monday, March 4, 2013

Though he never really went anywhere the reason you'll see 'Tricky is back!!' being repeated on multiple blogs is that his new single, "Nothing's Changed" has the former Massive Attack disciple reverting back to when he first shook up the scene with his prolific debut, Maxiquayne. Seriously. 1995 is revitalized and a fistful of classic trip-hop is served once you hear the somber strings and persistent percussion lock in with the pensive vocal stylings of Francesca Belmonte. Tricky's usual raspy verses are also along for the haunting ride, but (and as usual) it's not all about him as the song's atmosphere of melancholia is what takes center stage, with everything involved in the piece working together, not separate.

This is just the first taste of what his upcoming set, False Idols, will bring, and get ready for more time warping as Tricky claims that he's taking it back to his beginnings for this upcoming project, something that long-time fans might definitely appreciate. Though we may not always want to revisit the past, after hearing this (and snatching up the free download) I'm provoked to dust off my copy of Maxiquayne....I suddenly have the urge to return to those 'good ol' days', you know, for inspiration sake.

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