Philip Owusu Says Goodnight

Monday, March 4, 2013

As an avid book reader, something about seeing a thick book is daunting --- and exciting. Maybe I just have that kind of patience, but I love when a book doesn't rush through things right off the bat. When the plots and subplots unfold ever so gently, each character getting ample amounts of exposure, all of what construes as storytelling coming to the surface at a gracious pace. Quite often I like my music that way, having it build into something denser, something that gives you something to think about once the last notes die out. This is how Phillip Owusu operates, and his gradual flowering of his single, "Goodnight" is evidence of how taking the time to build upon what you've created is a good thing.    

For some reason the collaborative effort between Quadron's Robin Hannibal and singer/songwriter, Owusu kind of escapes me (2006's Living With Owusu & Hannibal), but getting acquainted with Owusu has been a smart choice on my part as there has been gobs of buzz surrounding the Copenhagen soul man over "Goodnight" since the five-minute stunner premiered. Like I mentioned, Owusu doesn't throw this song out, it begins with lush piano into a encapsulated jazzy atmosphere that lingers along, and then when Owusu's tender vocals come in he scoops you up in a dreamy waltz that is all very very lovely and engulfing. If this doesn't make you excited for what Owusu will be bringing on his upcoming album, entitled SUBS, then I feel a bit sorry for you.

Okayplayer provided the heads up on this one.

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