Getting Lucky With Daft Punk

Friday, April 19, 2013

It's probably mere coincidence, or a reaching feat on my part, but it's a bit fitting that Daft Punk would (finally) release their long-anticipated single "Get Lucky" in full hot on the heels of Donna Summer's induction into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame yesterday. Though Summer was multifaceted in her music catalog she will forever be known as the Queen of Disco, and rightfully so. Those who denounced and burned records claimed that disco was dead when the 80's rolled in were ignorantly mistaken, as Disco just put on a new pair of shoes and has shuffled and hip bumped its way into every decade since. The master of disguise it became.

Now Daft Punk are pretty brave to release a docile pina colada swilling disco single like "Get Lucky" in 2013. This era has been all about the dubstep, the hyperactive EDM beats, aural elements that Daft Punk themselves harvested. None of these jolting effects are present here, as along with Nile Rodgers signature Chic bass licks and Pharrell Williams smooth operator croons, "Get Lucky" sways in a hammock of an Earth, Wind & Fire groove, it shimmers and shakes and urges you to bounce, rock, skate, and roll, it also takes things back to where dance and electronica stemmed from. In short, it's exactly what you want, heck, maybe what we need to sort of remember that dance music can (and did) sound like this, and with Rodgers recalling the old, and Pharrell ushering in the new, it's a perfect scenario to draw in all kinds of listeners and possibly cause a revival of a genre that is associated with 1970's kitsch. Sure, there are those who are already clamoring for a super-charged club mix, as this is just too damn plush especially from the guys who brought you "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and "One More Time", but sometimes taking it back helps to push you forward, and in honesty, that is cause for a celebratory clinking of the margarita mugs.

We'll just see where Daft Punk takes us when Random Access Memories drops next month, but I'm betting it's gonna be a real funky place...

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