Glitter Bomb Lovesong

Thursday, April 11, 2013

16000th post!

Gosh. I adore this woman.

Now I haven't been engaged with American Idol in what feels like centuries --- but all that has changed. What you're witnessing is Mariah Carey giving glitter love to AI contestant, Candice Glover after she sang the mess out of The Cure's "Lovesong", pretty much never letting Robert Smith or even Adele sing it again. Really. She brought it. Alas, the legendary didn't stop there as like the manic Glenda The Good Witch that she is, Mariah knows that glitter livens up every situation, so she does the only thing left to do --- she showers Ms. Glover with a raining of sparkles as gratitude for a job well done. So it's confirmed: Mariah Carey is made of glitter. Or she keeps it in a Trapper Keeper or a Hermes clutch or raided the craft aisle at Hobby Lobby or something. Still the fact remains --- Mariah is 'glitter'. Inception that.

I really implore you to watch the whole performance as Ms. Glover should clearly win all the awards this season, Mariah is being her lovable zany self, and Beelzebub, yes, the Prince of Darkness himself popped up to give an ecstatic response to the performance as you can plainly hear at the 1:10 mark. I kid you not.

Epicness ensues after the cut.

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