Kylie Minogue Drops Her Skirt

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I had been sort of refraining from talking about Kylie Minogue's new single/buzz track/for the hell of it song, "Skirt" ever since I heard it when she dropped the track as a birthday surprise for fans back in May. When I first heard what was loosely described as a "demo" (note the quotations) I literally screwed my face up and groaned in disgust. My gosh did it sound rank. Just a mangled ball of ear popping synths that needed trimming to find where the chorus was. Yucky yucky boo boo.

Noting that Minogue, in a keen move, had recently joined Jay-Z's Roc Nation label, I wasn't too surprised at the obvious bite at the techno mid-life crisis R&B is going into, but I decided to wait for the polished up final version to weigh in properly. Well, ask and you shall receive as The Dream co-written, Nom De Strip produced, "Skirt" is all gussied up in HQ-ness with a lyric video in tow. While I feel Minogue's latching onto the hyperactive Electronica craze is a wee bit late, "Skirt" isn't half bad. Sure the hammering overcooked high octane synths will have you reaching for the Advil, and I'm kind of sick of heavy produced EDM tracks, but the chorus that I had trouble finding before now sounds pretty darn magical as it surges and swoops along. Still it's a messy track, but a fun messy track that is smutty to its core and has Kylie at her utmost snarling sex kitten. Even though I was hoping Minogue's flirtations with R&B would lead her down the paths she took on the (glorious) self-titled 1994 set and her terribly underrated 2004 project, Body Language, I'm intrigued at the new pair of stilettos Minogue is sporting and can't wait to see what she unveils in later months.

Dudes might get a lust rush from the surprisingly non-boring lyric video of "Skirt" as it features Minogue in some majestic, um, poses. Still I'm in awe (and seething with jealously) that the woman is 45 and looks like that. 45, people. Marinate on that. Hop over the cut to see what I mean...

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