Take 5 Friday: Summer Sound Stack, Week #1

Friday, June 7, 2013

Take 5 Friday/Jams is now lounging in its summer edition as every Friday from now until September (I promise) to share with you 4 brand-new-to-me tracks + 1 old school jam. As usual, the songs are whatever I'm feeling for the week, but I'll make sure they have a slight "summer" twist to them. Summer Sound Stack is not just a "me" thing, it's a "you" thing too as I highly encourage even you lurkers out there to pop into the comments and voice your five favorite tracks of the week. So without further words, how about we all make a super summer playlist together?! I'll go first...

Moko - Hand On Heart 
For the lovers of 90's House, Moko's "Hand On Heart" will ignite the nostalgia within. She's like a revival of Adeva and Mica Paris (circa Contribution album) with a little Massive Attack song structure know-how all rolled into one. She's also sort of what I wanted Emeli Sande to be after being teased with "Heaven" last year. One listen to "Heart" and Moko's other tunes, "Freeze" and "Summon The Strength" and you'll hear what I mean. This lady just ain't playin'.... [Listen]

Jungle - Platoon
Not only do I dig the electric feel funk this newbie London collective have going on, but the music video for "Platoon" features an oh so adorable six-year-old named B-girl Terra, who is literally my hero as she comes correct with some serious dance moves. [Listen][View]

Deeelite - Good Beat
Speaking of 90's House... let me enact the mating call: Zoo zoowa, zoowalala, zoowa, zoozoowa! Deeelite makes everything better, don't they? I should talk about them more often than I do, so I'll start by saying that "Good Beat" off of their classic 1990 World Clique record is one of the chunkiest House grooves you'll ever hear. It's so thick and juicy, just fills you up like a big ol' steak with a cheese and sour cream drenched baked potato on the side...all of it seasoned with sass, of course. Love it even more than "Groove Is In The Heart", for real. [View]

Thundercat - Oh Sheit It's X
No need to do the real deal as Thundercat tells a tale about a trip through 'X' by way of this funkalicious 80's throwback that is co-concocted by Flying Lotus. It is just as potent and you can indulge all you want without all those um, side-effects. Thundercat's second album, Apocalypse just came out this week, and if you like bass lines, abstract instrumentals, with a slab of funk on the side, then you need to introduce it into your world and allow it to beautifully corrupt it. [Listen]

Anne-Marie - Summer Girl
Newcomer Anne-Marie has a gusty debut number in "Summer Girl". To take a little sugar off its top, Anne-Marie revives Eve's verse from Missy Elliot's "Hot Boyz" and surprisingly it fits rather nicely into this bubbly electro-pop n' R&B cocktail. Who would've thunk it? [View]

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