Take 5 Friday: Summer Sound Stack, Week #3

Friday, June 21, 2013

...as usual add your five fave tracks of the week in the comments!

Japan Soul - Transparent 
Wowza. A up-in-coming three-piece from Brooklyn have a rocket in their pocket in the guise of single, "Transparent" and it's one that hits the ground running. For some reason this song sounds a bit familiar to me (help me name that tune...), but I'm getting a vibe of if Jamiroquai were sauced up on galloping bass lines, sonic synths, and schizo-tempo changes. Quite the jammy this one is --- and it's completely free over at the trio's SoundCloud[Listen]

Algebra Blessett - Nobody But You
Algebra is back and she knows exactly what she wants as she runs sweet and a little spicy on her brand new joint. I didn't realize it's been close to five years since she released her much-loved debut, Purpose, but I'm glad she's back and delivering piano-Soul numbers with a middle eight that is pretty much heavenbound. [Listen]

Ang Low - Life Goes Down
Talk about suave. Yet another talent out of Brooklyn who flows out a spacious and loving R&B number that is adorned with sonic synths, plush percussion, and yes, vocoded vocals. No frets though as this is one of the few times where the digital mechanics sound quite organic. You can download the track for a name-your-price deal at Ang Low's Bandcamp page. [Listen]

Zap Mama (feat. Erykah Badu) - Bandy Bandy
I feel that people forget about this great meeting of the Earthy Soul Mama minds and for shame, because it is brilliant all the way. It happened in 2004 at the pinnacle of Neo-Soul domination and boy, wasn't that a good time to be entrenched in that movement? "Bandy Bandy" is about seven minutes of sublime Afro-Soul with a chorus that is really unforgettable...meaning it will stay lodged in your brain for days. Trust me, one whiff and you'll be waving 'like a bandy snake', and you won't stop....and you'll love it. [Listen + Watch]

Jack Magma - Superpowers 

Some chunky future Funk that obviously leads one to believe Magma was raised on a diet of Ready For The World and Full Force, and who probably uses N.E. Heartbreak as meditation music. This is the second installment from his upcoming, An Electric Purple, and it really loads of retro fun.You can download the track via Hulkshare[Listen]

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