Take 5 Friday: Summer Sound Stack, Week #4

Friday, June 28, 2013

4 new songs + 1 old school jam. Remember to put your five favorite songs of the week in the comments!

Lulu James - Step By Step
Someone wise said: "don't cry...it's only the rhythm." So no tears should be shed for Lulu James and her song, "Step By Step". That is unless you expel tears of happiness when you hear Gwen Guthrie 80's Garage-House revivals like this, because then have at it. Dance bliss at your service. Miss James, I've got my eye on you. [Listen]

Cyril Hahn - Perfect Form (feat. Shy Girls)
Shy Girls (aka Dan Vidmar) also has a jalapeno popper of a tune released this year called "Under Attack" that is 80's slow jammy-tastic. So this is a bit of a contrast as he latches up with Swiss R&B beat man Hahn to create a bouncy yet sleek House tune that makes me feel quite stylish and sexy upon listen. Meow. [Listen]

Janelle Monae - Q.U.E.E.N (feat. Erykah Badu) (Paisley Park Remix)
Remember I said that this song needed a little zip? Like a do-do-dollop of Daisy Sour Cream, some cayenne pepper, and for the Texan in me, some of Whataburger's life giving Spicy Ketchup? Well, the condiment fixture needed to push "Q.U.E.E.N." into supreme funkyland is none other than his Royal Purpleness. Prince digs around in his 90's catalog for some inspiration, coming up with a chunky background a la "Get Off". Just oozing bad assery. Listen before it's gets snatched down...as par the course when it comes to these Prince-ly affiliated delights.  [Listen]

Jermaine Stewart - Say It Again
I have such a fondness for the late Jermaine Stewart, and you better believe that he was more than about a great perm (yes, his perm was impeccable, can't can't even get my Chi to do that...) and songs about "cherry wine" and safe sex. His first two albums contain some pretty classic R&B/Pop hits, but his 1987 third album, Say It Again, houses probably my favorite song of his, the joyful and oh so classy title track. You'll be singing this for awhile. Trust. [Listen + Watch]

Liz - U Over Them
Had to check the date on this as this Los Angeles newcomer took me back to the early 2000's with this one. Thank goodness I can enjoy this Destiny's Child inspired joint that is swirled with the spunk of early Sugababes and Mya without feeling the teen angst. Love it. [Listen]

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