Yasmin Has Been Thinking About Whitney

Monday, June 10, 2013

Whitney Houston's passing still stings a bit for me. I was watching one of Jamie Foxx's old stand-ups over the weekend and the jokes he had on Whitney made me twitch a bit, because yeah, we did make fun of her during a low-point in her life, not knowing what was to transpire in later years. To not Debbie Down this whole post, I like to think of the good things, the good music Whitney made during her lifetime, and since her passing we've had a fair share of artists who thought proper to revive her material. Some of it has been good, some bad, but I applaud Scottish vocalist Yasmin for tackling 'The Whitney Cover Song' a different way.

Yasmin knows her limits (she herself claims so) and she knows her discography, which is why she chose to cover "Thinking About You", a lesser known single from Whitney's classic 1985 debut. Personally, I like "Thinking About You" a lot as its got a great fusion of Kashif-produced rhythms and Whitney going all R&B seductress with a huskier vocal tone. Rawr. For her version, Yasmin keeps the same sensuality but flips things around and slows the pace a bit. It's more atmospheric, more sensual, and it's pretty dang lush as Yasmin spreads some crisp n' lovely vocals on top just to seal it all. So for those who like it when artists re-mold and shape 80's music or just like to hear Whitney songs given some cover justice, this one's for you.

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