Goldfrapp Introduce Us To Drew

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Goldfrapp are soon to share the Tales Of Us this fall and from the sound and shape of first impression single "Drew" they are going back to Seventh Tree pensiveness. Possessing shivering strings and angelic, haunting vocals from Miss Alison Goldfrapp, "Drew" is all kinds of sweeping epic and feels like it was plucked from a Oscar-bating film soundtrack. Even its gorgeous grey-and-white visual plays into the cinematic guise as it's a feast for the eyes (there is some NSFW nudity, but its tasteful). It's all very dramatic and stylish, beautiful people in beautiful places, all of it making me feel rather like a big ol' boring lump of common. Bah. For one thing, it's not the kind of vibe I wanted to hear and see considering this particular week and my mood right now, but it's Goldfrapp and I usually like what they do. Just that going from the joyous synth romp of Head First to this is like being thrust into a vat of ice cold water. Refreshing, but frigid.

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