Take 5 Friday: Summer Sound Stack, Week #5

Friday, July 5, 2013

4 new songs + 1 old school jam. As usual, post your 5 favorite tracks of the week in the comments! 

MKS - Flatline
Dev Hynes is that producer. I called it last year and I'm glad to hear/see that he's not making me look foolish with backing him up as he's just delivering at every turn. I was pretty much sold from that plucking guitar opening. Though the chorus is pure ol' school Sugababes circa 2001, the addition of Hynes as producer is blissfully obvious as "Flatline" goes for the cinematic as it climbs up into an amazing shower of guitars, pounding drums and rousing chants. Rawr...this song is one tough (but delicious) cookie. [Listen]
The Preatures - Revelation
"Is This How You Feel?" is going on some sort of end-of-the-year list from me, you betcha by golly wow it will, but I'm not going to ignore that the band from Down Under are probably one of the few modern rock bands I'm keeping ears unclogged for as their sound continues to excite me. Their latest is a chilling moody Blues introspection that froths up some nice shades of Fleetwood Mac and Florence + The Machine[Listen]

Mary Jane Girls - In My House
I hate when people try to make me choose between Mary Jane Girls and Vanity 6. They both had nasty-wasty funk geniuses behind them and released jams and sported fashions that would inspire many a girl group and pop tart in later years. Still I give a little edge to Rick James' dames because well, they stuck around for two albums and really Only Four You is a misbegotten classic album. Just killer jam after killer jam. Still the ever-so funky and cloying "In My House" anchors things as their biggest hit. Plus it's smutty synth groove makes me wish that I had been old enough to go clubbing in the '80s. [Listen + Watch]

Amerie - Why Don't We Fall In Love (Kaytranada Edition)
I'm cheating a bit here as Amerie's debut single is about 11 years old (!!!), but this remix by beat man Kaytranda shellacs the track in 2013 boogie-House splendor making it sound way too fresh to be called a mere flashback. In fact, if Amerie released this re-fashion today a hit again it will be. As a bonus, the track is up for a free download, so get to grabbin'! [Listen]

Ellie Goulding - Burn 
Goulding is releasing one of those re-release things for her Halycon album, because it's 2013 and people need cash, checks, and albums stuffed with more music. "Burn" is snappy synth pop that *sigh* plays into the hands of the electronic-techno movement that is really not slowing down no matter how many times "Get Lucky" gets mentioned. Consider this Ellie Goulding's Rihanna moment, but with the refine adornment that is her brilliant operatic range, which she sprinkles in here and there to class things up. [Listen]

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