Take 5 Friday: Summer Sound Stack, Week #6

Friday, July 12, 2013

4 new songs + 1 from the old school. As always put your five favorite songs from the week in comments!

Duke Dumont - Need U (100%) 
Okay this is ALL over the UK right now and has been since well...last year, but you know us Americans, we're too busy chomping away on fries and playing Candy Crush to notice these things, and since I'm not a hipster I didn't like this back in 1995 when they all did, so sue me for tardiness. I came back to this joint through Dumont's recent collaboration with MNEK, but this one just goes so 90's Euro-House hard that it screams 'summertime'. Disclosure and Sam Smith also did a kicking remake of it, and it's a fine and dandy twist, but it's just not the same, if ya catch my drift?  [Listen + Watch]

James Tilman - And Then
Taking a break from all the futuristic synth sounds, here is some honest to goodness Soul with a capital 'S'. Not strained, stirred, or EDM'ed up this is taking things back and its all done with a loving hand...and a great voice to boot. I mentioned that newcomer Tilman seems like he's a lost member of  The Foreign Exchange, but he even gets in a little Earth, Wind & Fire harmonizing towards the end that gives him an edge in the old school department. [Listen]

Oh Land - My Boxer 
Oh. Oh Land is back and she's got a corker of a brand new one geared to be on her upcoming third album, Wish Bone. For "My Boxer", she harmonizes as well as sing/testifies allegories comparing love to boxing (I guess) over a minimalist percussion beat. Reminds me somewhat of Fiona Apple's "Hot Knife" due to it's sparseness, quirk, and wit. [Listen]

Miguel - Adorn (feat. Jessie Ware) (Remix)
What can make "Adorn" even better? Add Jessie Ware to it, that's what. A little baiting, a little unnecessary, and not much difference in tempo or anything, but still it's Jessie Ware and her caressing the Flying Ninja's greatest hit is a sweet indulgence. [Listen]

Deborah Harry - French Kissin' In The USA
It's really no secret but when I grow up I want to be Deborah Harry. While I work on that, I had recently re-uploaded her greatest hits collection to my computer and found myself re-discovering this bewitching pop float of a song. Okay, sure "Love Is A Battlefield" called and it wants it's 'whoaa whooaaaa' back, but dag nabbit, this song glides oh so smoooooth that its really too irresistible to ignore. Should have been a bigger hit than it was... [Listen + Watch]

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