Take 5 Friday: Summer Sound Stack, Week #8

Friday, July 26, 2013

4 new songs + 1 old school jam. Be sure to place you five favorites of the week in comments! 

Ariana Grande - Baby I
There's been some prattle about Nickelodeon star Grande and how she sounds 'just like Mariah Carey' and all that. Well, it's a little hot and loose to fling Madame Glitter Rainbow Butterfly's name in similarity even though the perkiness, the flutters of vocal runs, or the fact that Babyface produced the cut leads one to claim it Carey-esque. However you feel Miss Grande sounds like (I'm getting JoJo with a smidgen of Amerie), her single is fun, light pop with a 90s R&B twist, and it's habit inducing. [Listen]
Friends - The Way 
Speaking of people who sound like other people...Brooklyn group, Friends are drenching themselves in Purple Rain, turning on their Computer Blues, and are making doves cry with their single "The Way". It's super dee duper Prince. It's more Prince than any Prince thing you've ever heard. Hell, it's even more Prince than Prince these days. Seriously. Killer guitars and slow grinding groove, it's just plain bold, dirty, and confessional. Oh and Dev Hynes produced this so of course this rocks. [Listen]
Rudimental - Distance (feat. Bipolar Sunshine) 
Now this is a summer groove, lounging sweet and cool. Usually I can tell when a song or an album has been a 'rush job' but popping in this Rudimental team collaboration, I'm still in awe at how they crafted this song, recorded it, and performed it and did it all within a 24 hour frame for the Barcadi Beginnings project. Yeah, thanks guys, thanks for making me feeling like a lazy bumpkin why don't you *crunches on Cheetos* [Listen]

Madonna - Ain't No Big Deal
Thirty years ago today Madonna's iconic debut album was released (!!!). At current, I'm cooking up a overview post for the occasion, but to prep you for its arrival next week, I wanted to stick in the stack the unreleased gem of "Ain't No Big Deal" which was scrapped as the b-side to "Everybody" at the last minute and is one of my favorite unreleased jams from Madonna's song pile. Due to its soulfulness and punchy delivery, I think the song would've worked alongside "Lucky Star" and "Borderline". *sigh* I love 1980's Madonna. [Listen]

Sam Smith - Safe With Me
Sam Smith is noted for being the driving vocal force behind Disclosure's exceptional, "Latch" (aka one of my favorite songs from last year) and he's got a solo career a-brewing. He surprised everyone when he released the soul stirring ballad, "Lay Me Down", and with "Safe With Me" he goes in yet another unexpected direction. There are a lot of layers on this track, as the song  starts out as jaunty mid-tempo and then plot twist! goes into a soulful croon job with chopped n' screwed elements. Ambitious. [Listen]

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