Artist Watch: Marie Dahlstrom

Friday, August 16, 2013

I've covered the music and vibe of Scandinavia's own Marie Dahlstrom a couple of times during my moonlighting gig at SoulBounce, and have adored every single thing she has put her vocals on. Last month she released Renditions, an EP combining all the cover songs she has sprinkled out over the last year or so, and believe me, if I'm still spinning the set and talking about it a month later, then you know things are above and beyond and well worth your time. Plus when someone can make me like a Chris Brown and Rihanna song you better believe that I can't let her go unnoticed. The singer/songwriter has also put her jazzy Soul stamp on other artists such as taking to task Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight", Little Dragon's "Twice", and even recently giving Jessie Ware a run with her take on "No To Love", but Dahlstrom is more than just a covers queen.

When you take a stroll through her Soundcloud page, you'll see that her work is of abundance (her debut EP, Feelings was released last year), and hear that her vibe is all around chill and captures the essence of vocal Jazz legends of yore. She even reminds me of modern chanteuses a la the sweetness of Amel Larrieux mixed with the moody introspection of Andreya Triana. Two of my favorites from her treasure trove of tunes is "Could We Buy A House" and the sultry nighttime crawl of "Search", but I wouldn't stop there as Dahlstrom has got other soul stirs that are well worth lending an ear to. For more on Dahlstrom, I urge you to scoop up Renditions, as it is up for a free download at her Bandcamp site and is a great introduction to what I hope will be an artist that'll keep us captive for years to come.

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