*NSYNC Reunited For Two Seconds But It Was Fantasmical

Monday, August 26, 2013

So the rumors were true...*takes deep breath* *NSYNC REUNITED AT THE MTV VMA'S!!!!

Okay, so they were rusty and a little out of sync, but we must remember that this was the first time in about ten years that they have been together and they haven't been on constant tour mode like the Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, New Edition, 98 Degrees, etc., so I cut them slack for being a little off. Still you gotta note that most teenage dream teams of current don't even dance. Yep. No synchronization. No fun. Even for two measly seconds of them running through "Girlfriend" and "Bye Bye Bye" and JC Chasez squeezing in a vocal run (bless him) this was fun, albeit viciously short, but fun and nostalgic enough that the 13-year-old that still lives inside of me rejoiced, clutched her No Strings Attached marionette dolls, and screamed like it was Y2K.

All in all, it was just nice to have them back together again for just a brief moment, and that's all most fans wanted, so no, today I'm not upstarting a prayer vigil to have *NSYNC put out a brand new album. As my blog compadre Melismatic perfectly stated,*NSYNC recording a new set would be a step backwards for Justin Timberlake, and that's just facts. Out of all the boybands from *NSYNC's era, Timberlake has been the most successful as a solo star, and it is highly unlikely that he will want to rejoin and recapture what was. He's playing the same solo ballgame that Michael Jackson and George Michael did in the '80's as he's matured from the bands that are now seen as a starting point to what was to come later down the road. Judging by last night's performance with Timberlake performing a medley of his solo hits (and putting a real kill on it, I might add) and being at the top of his game that it's pretty plain to see that *NSYNC getting back together is just not in the cards and I'm a-okay with that. Sometimes you just can't go back no matter how hard you try.

Peek after the cut for the performances and check out my write-up celebrating fifteen years of *NSYNC's debut album if you'd like to revel in a flashback.

[Photo Source:BZF]

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