Take 5 Friday: Summer Sound Stack, Week #11

Friday, August 16, 2013

4 new songs + 1 old school joint. As always place your current five favorite songs in the comments!

Old New School Love - Arima Ederra
Silky smooth and vintage-ly cool, Ms. Ederra, whom had a lovely EP called Down To Earth out last year, returns with a jam for the homie, lover, friend in your life. As the title states it brings little old to the new, as she weaves a summer soft Stevie Wonder-esque yarn about romance and all of the little things that make it oh so grand.  [Listen]

To The Moon & Back - Savage Garden
Still roaming my way through '90's misbegotten-ness and re-introduced myself to the gem that is Savage Garden's 1997 self-titled debut. I had bought the album on the strength of "I Want You" way back when (and this was back when people took a gamble and bought albums for just one freaking song) but came away in love with whole damn thing, and I'm still in love with it today."To The Moon & Back" is a great opener to the album and is textured slice of pop genius. It's like a power ballad and then it's a introspective rock anthem all rolled into one. [Listen + Watch]

Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Remix) - Chromeo & Oliver
'Posthumous remix album' does sound like the moo-ing of the cash cow, but (and it's a big, juicy 'but') Love To Love Donna (which I wrote about), is not only going to feature the likes of Hot Chip and Frankie Knuckles, but Giorgio Moroder is supervising the whole thing. So this seems even more legit and promising than it appears to be. I'm actually bought and sold alone on Chromeo and Oliver's collaborative take on "Love Is In Control". It's fireball funk disco hopped up on speed and it's A-MAZING. [Listen]

Bon Voyage - Marlene 
I'm a little worn on the new phase of what I dub "ostentation Pop". You know Pop singers who aren't having fun as they are trying to 'out cool' each other and see who can club each other over the head harder with EDM beats.Yes, I'm slyly talking about Lady Gaga, who used to be fun until she decided it was her crusade to be the female version of Andy Warhol meets David Bowie. Ugh. Stop. But I'm being unfair to newcomer Marlene, who hails from Sweden (aka Pop Music Paradise), and who's got a crackling tune that is the type of pop that sounds fresh, has a can't-get-out-head chorus, and is well --- FUN! Not a trace of pretension in this bouncy tribal drum affair and I'm glad. [Listen]

Love Song - Javeon 
Anything that has MNEK's name on it and you bet I'm going to lend all ears, as the singer/songwriter is one of my current fave acts right now thanks to his abundance of re-fixes and collaborations. This time he doesn't lend that rich voice of his to a track, but offers up the songwriting and overall production to Bristol newcomer Javeon's bouncy House love lament. This one fits right in with all the stuff Disclosure and Rudimental have been doing, and Javeon might give MNEK a run for his vocal money as he's got a sultry croon on him too. [Listen]

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