Take 5 Friday: Summer Sound Stack, Week #12

Friday, August 23, 2013

4 new songs + 1 old school. As usual, place your five favorites of the week in the comments!

Dance With You - Bad Rabbits (feat. Teddy Riley)
In all the hoopla of the current Disco and '90's House revival, I'm kind of tooting a horn for New Jack Swing to make a comeback. Boston's bad boys of futuristic soul Bad Rabbits are already ahead of me as they are teaming up with none other than New Jack titan Teddy Riley for their upcoming American Dream project. The first taste comes from "Dance With You" and upon first listen you will feel like you just got paid, got yourself a fade, and soaked in some candy rain...because it's your prerogative. Okay. I'll stop. [Listen]

Half Moon - Janis Joplin
Joplin is a Southern artist to the core, and I love her for it, and I always feel even more Southern and Texan when I pop in Pearl. Rufus & Chaka Khan do a just-as-good-if-not-better version, but Joplin's original is one of my absolute favorite songs ever, and it always revs me up when I hear it. Good solid rock. There is some buzz about actress Amy Adams portraying Joplin in a upcoming Lee Daniels' bio-pic. Alright, but she's gonna have to bring the wild and Southern if she's going to be Janis...that's all I'm saying. [Listen + Watch]

Julia - SZA
SZA has kind of ditched the dreaminess of her usual fare for something a bit more neon, poppish and like totally '80's. Enter "Julia" which is drenched in shimmering synths that feel out of time. The whole atmosphere reminds me of work Florrie did on her Experiments EP, especially, "Experimenting With Rugs" --- just slowed down. "Julia" is to appear on the upcoming Z EP (the follow-up to the S EP from earlier this year) and already I'm curious as to what this set is going to sound like in full. [Listen]

Tame The Shrew - Bobby/Robin Hannibal
Who would've thought Robin Hannibal's alter-ego would give me not one, but two goodies this summer to stick in the stack? "Tame The Shrew" is funky with a capital 'F' as it bubbles and churns on a early '80's groove that is just undeniable. [Listen]

Keep It Movin' - Jazzyfatnastees
Now this is a pleasant surprise. The comebacks just keep rolling in for 2013 so who could blame the ladies of Jazzfatnastees for wanting to get in on the fun? It's been about eleven years (!) since we've heard from this duo, but they are back being as melodic as ever with the perfectly titled "Keep It Movin'". Though this number doesn't shoot threats at "Unconventional Ways" (aka my absolute favorite song of theirs) it was nice to lounge out to their sweet harmonies and '70's soul inspired vibe. [Listen]

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