Take 5 Friday: Summer Sound Stack, Week #9

Friday, August 2, 2013

4 new songs + 1 old school. Be sure to post your top five songs of the week in comments!

Haim - The Wire  
Haim has kind of flown under my radar, but the three sisters from the City of Angels gave me a poke and a prod with their latest track. Noted as their official debut single for their highly anticipated upcoming debut, "The Wire" is a hand clapping, foot stomper that feels as if The Runaways met Sara Bareilles and they all made cupcakes together. It's just a real frothy good time. Hooray for girls with guitars! [Listen]

Robin Thicke - Ooo La La
It may have slipped your mind but there is an actual album for "Blurred Lines" and it's out now and surprisingly it's not all filled with generic "sorta rape-y" Marvin Gaye beat snatchers. Yay! Lots of disco, lots of Michael Jackson influence, lots of honest to goodness crooning is happening on Blurred Lines, and Thicke is going to make Justin Timberlake squirm for awhile because of it. "Ooo La La" has been the jam on repeat for me, as its so swirly and classy. Its Disco revival for the Millennial set, and you bet I got my fork out to gobble this twinkling delight up. Now this is the Robin Thicke I like. [Listen]

Cherrelle - You Look Good To Me  
Known for "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" and for naming off the days of the week with Alexander O'Neal, Cherrelle is one of those artists I wish more people knew about. She had the tightest producing duo backing her up (Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) and never a misstep they did with her. From her second album, I picked this hard funking ball of sassafras, as it has some nice comedic flourishes, a fun call-and-response segment, and Cherrelle just seems to be having so much fun that its enticing. Cynical ones be forewarned, as you'll find your heart growing two sizes bigger once you plug this in. [Listen]

Geno Young - Brandy Alexander 
Ah. Another cover done right. D-Town's Geno Young decides that Feist's anti-love song "Brandy Alexander", while good, needs a little punching up. Adding flourishes of Jazz and tuning the tune into a soulful proclamation, Mr. Young has got a winner of a cover. [Listen]

Jody Watley - Nightlife
JODY'S BACK!!! Okay. Simmer down, Jen. Still its exciting to hear Ms. Watley, one of my favorite femmes, back in action on a brand new joint. Watley dipped a little into her Shalamar days with this latest slab of sound, as its a tumbling, glimmering affair of strident synths and pulsating electro-fueled Disco that ooze out glamaaaa. [Listen]

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