Never Too Late To Join Summer Camp

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer is pretty much dunzo for most parts of the globe --- well, except here in the South where wearing the uniform of shorts and tank tops is pretty standard dress till about mid-October --- still the feeling of summer has dissipated, and yes, I'm quite glum about that. This is where Summer Camp comes in, and I'm not talking about Camp Anawanna (even though I hold it in my heart), I'm talking about the twosome from the UK who came 'fresh' and correct with their frothy single, the John Hughes film soundtrack escapee "Fresh" this summer. Not only is their name enough to have visions of tubing down a river, mosquito bites, and toasting marshmallows for S'mores dancing in your head, but their sound is bright n' sunny and taps on several branches of Pop music, past and present. "Fresh" was one of my favorite summer jams this year, and now there is a whole album to enjoy of tunes that bask in the glow of synthesizers, New Romantic sensibilities, and crisp grooves.

Summer Camp do a lot in 10-tracks on their self-titled set (their second overall), and like I mentioned, tap on several corners of Pop's evolving state by almost doing a retrospective of sounds, mostly focusing on the 1980s. Some interesting bits that stuck out to me is their nod to the New Wave era as "Two Chords" and the dreamy "Night Drive" would feel at home on a Kim Wilde or even a Blondie record ('79's Eat To The Beat comes to mind). The lounging tropica-meets-R&B croon "Phone Call" is a neat contrast to the guitar grindings of "Crazy". Also I dig the opening number, ironically titled "The End", which opens things on a dizzying spin of synth bleeps and stuttered percussion. Summer Camp is an album for any kind of Pop fan, so dig in a little, and take in all those last gasps of summer breezin' before the snap of fall chills things down and turns the sky grey.

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