Do What U Want With This Lady Gaga & R. Kelly Meet-Up

Monday, October 21, 2013

Lady Gaga + R. Kelly. That arithmetic seems off. Well, it must be some kind of witchcraft as the two least compatible artists make actual sense together and cast a spell on me. "Do What U Want", is the latest single from Gaga's ARTPOP project (out November 11th), and the tune is dressed up in a throbbing '80s synth groove that meshes with vocal performances that are energetic and don't overstay their welcome. Sure you jest, right? Wrong.

Gaga has always had a solid voice to me, but the main problem is that it just gets buried underneath all the theatrics, EDM hi jinks, and pretentious art student bullsh*t she likes to revel in. As much of a Christina Aguilera vibe she gives off on this track (don't act like you don't hear it...), when Gaga can lasso that ruff n' tuff vocal in tight, we are rewarded and our ear drums spared --- something that Aguilera hasn't done since 2006. As for Kels, he has done some odd collaborations before (Celine Dion anyone?), and that's his spell to cast, as his addition to this potent pop formula has him complimenting the track with his machismo, taking it into the R&B territory that I sometimes wish Gaga explored more. Smutty and submissive, but with elements that flow, consider "Do What U Want" a moment where water and oil can mix.

Beware of the bum, but submit to the aural witchcraft after the cut...

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