Follow The Trail Of Giovanca's Satellite Love

Thursday, October 10, 2013

There is a romance brewing on Giovanca's Satellite Love, as sultry lures of flutes, twinkling guitars, Latin-inspired percussion, and cosmic psychedelic touches come together in a flourishing courtship that is nothing short of delightful. I have no idea what I was doing in 2008 (oh, yeah, kick-starting this blog off with an amateur flair...), but I didn't have my ears glued to the Dutch vocalist's debut album, Subway Silence. I was slipping again in 2010 as her follow-up, While I'm Awake, passed me by as well. So I'm a fool no more as Satellite Love has graced my ears, and has my undivided attention.

The album's fluid quixotic vibe had me nostalgic for those weekends where I spent digging into my father's Jazz Fusion albums from the 1970s, as Giovanca calls back the sweet sauciness of Minnie Riperton, more so capturing her pre-solo days in the '60s/'70s psychedelic soul band, Rotary Connection. She also gives flashes of the Brazilian samba coo that Flora Purim did so well during her tenures with George Duke and Chick Corea.

First single, the entrancing excellence of "How Does It Feel" (not the song you think it is...) sets the tone extremely well, playing like Giovanca's own version of Kool & The Gang's "Summer Madness", but it stands alone lonely, until it's paired with the remainder of the 14-track set and gains a denser environment. Ukulele lullabies ("I Will Wait"), pensive meditations ("We Can't", piano peppered closer, "Come Around") and experimental tracks that flip on a dime ("Uphill") are present. Standouts to me happen right from the start as wa-wa guitars on the funky opener, "Look Of State" and disco samba "Lockdown" are nothing short of fun, but the jazz piano tenderness of "Real" is a ballad that cannot be shaken off due to its alluring layering of vocals and instrumentation. Bold and sweet, Satellite Love is something that does indeed defy gravity as it swells into the empty spaces of silence just beautifully. You can purchase Satellite Love over at  iTunes or Amazon.


  1. Great review ( my first comment was a typo mess-oops). I just wanted to say that I have followed Giovanca for a long time and feel this is her best effort to date for all the reasons you mentioned. It is a wonderful tribute to that decade but also very contemporary in its sound. I hope more give this album a spin. And she has a wonderful music show where she DJ's music from the '70s and on ("Giovanca's episodes" on Sublimefm on Monday evenings.

    1. Thanks for reading :) I'm going to have to check out her previous material, as I somehow managed to not know about her till now. Also will check out that music show too...and that probably explains the real '70s vibes I'm hearing on this thing! It is a great album, I just kind of took a chance on it and was truly rewarded.


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