Take 5 Friday: Neneh Cherry + Marie Dahlstrom + Anushka + Alice Russell + Iman Europe

Friday, November 22, 2013

Reheating leftovers of the week...

Neneh Cherry - Blank Project 
Neneh Cherry is shaking off 16 years of solo dormancy to release Blank Project, a brand-new effort that is a return to her eclectic form and will feature such wonderkids like Four Tet and Robyn as guest stars. Exciting! The first single and title track of her now fourth album is exactly how I wanted her to return as captures some very mid-'90s riot gurrrl attitude with a bite of 21st century electronica factored in and it's all wrapped up quite well. Cherry clearly hasn't lost her touch as she's still (*ahem*) raw like freaking sushi. [Listen]

Marie Dahlstrom - Floating 
Miss Dahlstrom is clearly spoiling me now as she's released yet another EP this year, this time the 11-track Gloom, and really, the results are really anything but. I talked all about the EP here, but I wanted to spotlight "Floating", my favorite among the bunch, and celebrate in the fact that it sounds like an updated Sade track. Very classy and cool. If you thought the Renditions set was grand, Gloom is another gem that proves Dahlstrom's allure as a vocalist. [Listen
Anushka - Never Can Decide
Out of nowhere this UK duo came with one of my favorite EP's this year (Yes Guess) and came correct with their infectious brand of House/UK Garage. After some "will they/won't they" talk, the duo announced that they have an full album in the works. "Never Can Decide" is the first link, and its another bubbling immersing House joint that nicely zips along. [Listen
Alice Russell - Drinking Song (Full Version)
If there was one discrepancy I had about Russell's pretty peerless, To Dust, it was the fact that the interludes present were warrant of being full-fledged tracks. Well, someone up there heard my cry, as Russell has released the full version of "Drinking Song" now taking the 2 minute track and stretching it to a lofty 5 minutes of spiky funk goodness. Ha-cha! [Listen + Download]
Iman Europe + starRo - Diggin' On You (TLC rework)
As "Diggin' On You" is my probably my #1 favorite TLC song, I cautiously approached this with my bias resting on my shoulder. Safe to say I brushed off the bias once I heard Iman Europe capture T-Boz's chill-relax tone and starRo's production morph the track into a hypnotic Soul treat --- with a little Jazz flair added in as well. To sound a bit cliche, I'm diggin' on it. [Listen]

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