Adventures In 2013: Top 30 Songs [#10 - 1]

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

....and now for my top 10 songs of 2013!

10. Need U (100%) - Duke Dumont (feat. A*M*E): Technically a 2012 release, that caught steam this year and kept on pushing well into this year. The days of Black Box and C+C Music Factory are just etched all over this, aiding to the soundtrack of this year's '90s nostalgic comeback.

9. Closer - Tegan and Sara: Tough call considering that Heartthrob is jam-packed with catchy aural tomes, but "Closer" gets the edge as it is a fizzy pop tune that cuts right to the chase.

8. Baby - Rudimental (feat. MNEK and Sinead Harnett): MNEK has proven that he can sing all the things, but hearing him on something out of all his inventive re-fixes is a treat. He's latched with newcomer Sinead Harnett and the two glide into the neon glow dance floor with a House stunner that mixes a little New Jack Swing harmonizing in its fold.

7. The Wire - Haim
You better believe this was a hard pick, as narrowing down Days Are Gone to just one standout song is akin to gnawing on a block of wood --- uncomfortable. Yet, I went with "The Wire" as it was not only the first song that latched me onto the trio, but because it was an unexpected jolt of rock meshed melodic pop that just suited me so well. Severely catchy this one is.

6. Q.U.E.E.N. - Janelle Monae (feat. Erykah Badu): Together Monae and Badu smear their vibrant personalities over a funky testimony for the "ostracized and marginalized" and it pumps its fist in the air proudly with its poetics and truths. I admit not being bought and sold on this song at the beginning, but the more and more I listen to it, sponge up the bass licks, the obvious Prince influence, and Badu's sneaky little stanza, the more I love its battle cry for the Gen-Y outlier. Oh, and one more thing --- the booty don't lie!

5. White Noise - Disclosure (feat. AlunaGeorge): Wears its UK Garage influence well and with the added bonus of cool kids AlunaGeorge it was a surefire hit from jump. What is interesting about this song is that it is super crisp and clean, not even the popcorn beats and the shower of synths prior to the sing-a-long chorus mar what is sharply laid out. Great production all-around.

4. Tame The Shrew - Bobby
Absolute futuristic funk from the ever-busy and creative Robin Hannibal and his alter-ego, Bobby. The synth work here just digs in all the grooves. Sure, I can't understand half of what he's saying on it, but that's because this isn't a song for sitting and getting some sort of philosophical message from it, this is ish to sweat and dance to over and over again.

3. Ain't It Fun - Paramore
Paramore may have trimmed down their band roster, but they didn't trim down the talent as it burst in seams on their self-titled romp into eclecticism. There is much to adore on it, but somehow "Ain't It Fun" kept having my undivided attention to where everything else (while good) was ignored. Why this wasn't a huge hit, I'll never know, it's just damn good clean fun that drips with sarcasm and wit. Add to that, Hayley Williams' voice is just a peerless panther (why doesn't anybody talk about how she's got serious pipes?), and she pounces on this as she takes this song to church and then back to the club.

2. Is This How You Feel? - The PreaturesFleetwood Mac must be feeling pretty good this year as a lot of their back catalog from Rumours on up to Tango In The Night, was re-imagined by a number of up-in-comers, one such being the Aussie band called The Preatures. This is a fantastic earworm right out of the box as it squiggles around in rockabilly flair with a hint of Prince freshness in its air. Yet, even as I'm trying to classify it, this song is a one-of-a-kind stunner that bears repeated listenings.

1. The Apple - VV Brown:  Brooding, saucy, and rhythmically enticing, VV Brown lures you into a staggering lair of percolating electronica that is immensely chilling and tough. This isn't the childlike EDM that was turned up too loud this year. This is something that will plow through your speakers without depleting brain cells. VV's transformation from candy-coated quirky pop tart to art pop duchess is the surprise of the year. Though we may paw and fawn over those who are less-deserving in mainstream pop, Miss VV won all the awards this year with a song that is parts scary, but hellishly fun. This is how you reinvent your sound, folks.

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