Paloma Faith Isn't Relying On You

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Screw the hard stuff, let's dance"

In a way, I've been waiting for just the right song to kick-start my 2014 (as well as getting the right blog layout), and well I may be a heaps o' late but, Paloma Faith has snatched my hand and thrown me officially into the new year with her latest single, "Can't Rely On You". After curing insomnia with her last album, Fall To Grace, it's a relief to hear Paloma Faith latch back onto the sassafrassin' she laid out on her debut album, 2009's Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?, and she's planning on keeping it up for her upcoming third album, A Perfect Contradiction (out March 3rd). For "Can't Rely On You" she's assisted in the party-starting by none other than Mr. 2013 himself, Pharrell Williams.

Due to Pharrell's appearance this song is already being compared to "Blurred Lines" --- and that's quite lazy --- as in no way do I hear a Marvin Gaye rip-off beat or squirmy lyrics about rape. What is plowing through my ears is Faith wailing over a punchy gut-bucket beat and Pharrell jumping in every once in awhile with a comment or two. Not groundbreaking stuff, but fun enough to enjoy Faith in a funk state of mind. Continuing with "Can't Rely On You"'s debut, Paloma also unveils its music video which is filled with some Freemasonry symbolism (someone's been watching Sleepy Hollow, eh?) that probably has some kind of message etched in there, but I'm really too busy sinning to this plucky beat to really analyze it further.


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