Take 5 Friday: Banks + Kiesza + Kyan + Reva DeVito + Ego Ella May

Friday, January 31, 2014

Reheating leftovers of the week...

Banks - Brain: One album I'm on the look-out for this year is LA-based vocalist Banks, whom made acquaintances with her London EP and won a bunch of us over, including yours truly. In single limbo is "Brain" another glacially paced love lament that emphasizes the moody rhythm and blues Banks has perfected. Just that I wonder if she'll crack a smile on the next number she releases? [Listen]

Kiesza - Hideaway: Glossy with a side order of sharp n' diva-rousing pipes, this Canadian vocalist makes me wanna twirl glow sticks to this '90s House concoction. And I'm not just typing that because it's the plug these days...nope this is the real spiel of mid-90s floor burners that'll make you deny that this was made in this century.  [Listen]

Kyan - Rosetta: Already have I waxed love for this Cambridge newbie and his debut track and here I am singing praise again. Whoever Rosetta is, she's a lucky duck of a gal, because I wish someone would craft a song about me that is this layered, unique, and sublime. It's four minutes in future soul heaven. [Listen + Download]

Reva DeVito - Kisses: I have been a fan of Reva DeVito's for some time, and I'm happy that she's doing like the cool kids and releasing new material at a clockwork pace (every Friday is the target for her). She's already set the bar for herself as her rendition of my favorite Sade classic, "The Sweetest Taboo" is top-notch, but her latest "Kisses" does just fine with sweetened old school R&B flavor and a splash of sass on top. [Listen + Download]

Ego Ella May - Underwater: The Tree was an EP that enchanted (but sadly just missed my 2013 round-up) and Ego Ella May is back casting spells with her latest tune. She's got a good gig teaming up with IAMNOBODI, and the head-bobbing "Underwater" shows that this is a collaboration that is emitting bountiful fruits of classy hip-hop tinged R&B. I'm definitely on the look-out for her upcoming EP, Breathing Underwater, coming this February. [Listen + Download]

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