Prince Was On 'New Girl' And It Was Magic

Monday, February 3, 2014

We all know that Prince is a mystical being, gliding in and out of our consciousness on a day-to-day basis, but it was real not fantasy that Prince was on FOX's New Girl last night and to say we got the royal treatment as viewers is an understatement. As a fan of the series (so excuse my fandom dust), I've been just passively watching this season as the jokes have been on the paltry side and once lead characters Jess and Nick got together the Moonlighting cloud promptly descended down upon them. Yet, with Prince gracing the episode to help the troublesome love nerds figure out how to say those three important words, the show has perked back up again. As far as the rest of the crew, I'm all for Winston and Coach being a dream team (FIRE AND ICE!) and even slightly egging for Schmidt and CeCe to get back together, but I found myself really rooting for Prince to be there like a guidance counselor to the gang on how to live life to the Paisley-est and to have that continue on for more episodes. What is not to like Prince playing Prince and offering pancakes, ping-pong lessons, and (diamond and) pearls of advice? I smell an Emmy with that.

But aside from a wish that I know will not be fulfilled, I learned a lot of things about Prince in this episode. I knew he was already magic, but he's also terrible at Frisbee (Prince is just like us), he has a cosmic connection to butterflies (I knew it), and he practices what he preaches in his songs as he DOES help you pick out your clothes before you go out a la "If I Was Your Girlfriend". I have a better-worded account on the episode here, but just wanted to say that I was touched by the Purple One's charm and his comedic timinig, as well as super-dee-duper jealous that Jess' Zooey Deschanel has lived out one of my bucket list items in this episode.

Because everyone deserves pancakes and advice from Prince, you can watch the full New Girl episode here.

1 comment:

  1. *fangirls*

    I don't watch New Girl, but I do absolutely love Prince. I adore that man. He's perfect!


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