Take 5 Friday: JUCE + JUNGLE + Plastic Plates + Jess Glynne + Starsmith

Friday, February 28, 2014

Reheating leftovers of the week...

JUCE - Call You Out
It's about two weeks later and I'm still in love with this song. JUCE, a trio of besties out of London, look like a '90s girl group, and yet sound like a girl group from the future. I liken this to if Kelis began fronting HAIM...but that's just me. [Listen]

JUNGLE - Busy Earnin' 
Consistently keeping it fresh, the Jungle collective extend another jammy jam that continues to shroud the crew in mystery. They pull a switcheroo from their usual Jazz Dub and go for an arena sized synth anthem that kicks the door wide open a la the intro of SOS Band's "Just Be Good To Me". Fat with bass and spiked with falsetto, this one makes an impression indeed. [Listen]

Plastic Plates (feat. Sam Sparro) - Stay In Love
Valentine's Day brought an assortment box of tunes and this is one of the morsels I missed. It's got Sam Sparro on it, and you know how much I adore him and will listen to just about anything he puts his voice on. As to be expect he fits right into this nu-Disco jaunt without fuss. [Listen]

Jess Glynne - Home
Has been out for a bit, but "Home" aligns British newcomer Jess Glynne in a lofty position to make for some exciting pop/R&B. She's got a voice on her (which oddly sounds like if Adele stopped moping around) which is a plus, and her official debut single has a little grime on its pop-gloss set-up as the skittish spurts of strings adds a nice touch and keeps things interesting. [Listen + Watch]

Starsmith (feat. Tawiah) - Be My Love
The spangled glow lights of Starsmith's production shouldn't work with Taiwah's earth mama steeze, but on "Be My Love" the combo is impeccable as we get the best of both worlds. Even better is that Taiwah doesn't get lost in the sauce of synths as she rises strong mirroring the big voices of the '90s House/Dance movement. [Listen]

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