The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing According To Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jimmy Fallon is now the host of The Tonight Show (woot! woot!) and if he was feeling the pressure of withholding the prestige of the legendary late night show, then I never noticed as he carried his first show with great poise and levity, bringing guest stars Will Smith and U2 up to the plate as his first Tonight guests. Pretty much Fallon just brought his former Late Night stitch to an earlier time slot and what an upgrade it was, as quite a bit of memorable and surprising things happened. Yet, really, the best thing that happened was Smith joining Fallon for a retrospective skit of Hip-Hop's most memorable dances. From The Cabbage Patch to the Running Man and to the Humpty Dance, Fallon and Smith decked out in off-the-shoulder overalls brought the hilarity and the history and believe me yours truly was dancing and laughing along. Even 'The Carlton' was given some shine to rousing applause. Also kudos to Smith for knowing when to exit stage right when Fallon pulled out 'twerking' (or whatever Fallon called himself doing) as a finale, but up till that point, Fallon and Smith succeeded in educating the masses on a part of music history.

Now call me chewing sour grapes for the entertaining moment, but there was a bite of sadness as they progressed further down into the years, as Hip-Hop dancing has become sort of a extinct art these days. Hell, we really don't dance anymore, and no, sticking your butt out and moving it counter-clockwise does not count in my book. I'll take the Kid N' Play kick any day, thankyoumuch, and will be on a crusade to bring back the Running Man because it needs a revival, stat. So before Jay Leno tries to take back the hot seat, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots are officially forcing me to stave off my beauty rest in order to see what fun they'll bring back to late night.

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