Mara Hruby Heals Through 'Archaic Rapture'

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

There are lots of things to like about Miss Mara Hruby. For petty reasons, she's from the Bay Area, and well, I love that place (pretty please someone send me money so I can move there!), and will always have something nice to say about that unique nook of California. But for practical reasons, I also dig how Hruby does the boho artist dance so well, and her nuanced readings of popular standards and hits (see her debut 2010 EP, From My Eyes) are worthy of pause. You can hear the same old cover songs over and over again and hear nothing new, but when Hruby pulls out "Cry Me A River", a 1955 torch classic popularized by Julie London and sung by everybody and their warbling mama, she just stirs a little somethin' different into the pot. 'Distinctive' is the word I'm looking for and what Hruby evokes once again on her latest EP, Archaic Rapture.

A while ago, Hruby got her heart sliced and diced by a former boyfriend, but we all know the best revenge is to let the tears dry on their own and scribe lyrical daggers about oh-what's-his-face --- I mean, it worked for Adele right? For Archaic Rapture, Hruby climbs into the lonely and reflective hours of torch n' jazz, and keeps a steady head by rekindling oldies but goodies as Frank Sinatra's "In The Wee Small Hours", Barbara Streisand's "My Coloring Book" and a sonic soul redress of Billie Holiday's reading of "Gone With The Wind" are given fine-tune nods. Hruby doesn't let the past do all the talking though, as her one original number here, the Samba tinged Jazz fusion of "Set Me Free", is on par with the classics she covets, but feels much more realized, and provocative.

Through six tracks we're taken through the zig n' zag emotions of getting over and getting on after love has kicked us into the gutter, and Hruby laments it all to precision. So if you were in a good mood today, well, sorry about that, but Mara Hruby has got some things on her mind and it's kind of urgent that you let her just grasp the Kleenex and allow her to let it all out as for the hopeless romantics out there, Archaic Rapture has her speaking the aural truth.


  1. I have been waiting for new music from Mara Hruby. Her first EP stayed in heavy rotation in my iPod. Thanks!

    1. Me too! That first one was really good. So glad she's back and rockin' the cover songs as I just love her voice.


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