Audio Diva Social Networking Update

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Along with Audio Diva's latest design remix, I wanted to update ya'll on my social networking situation at current as I'm slowly trying to get back into being social online after practicing Hermitage. As you can see there are brand new shiny social buttons on the right side and they will direct you to where you can find me online and how to contact me through e-mail and/or subscribe to the blog. Here is a breakdown:

Yes, I'm now on another form of procrastination. I've been on there for awhile, pinning like a mad woman, but I'm now sharing my space with everyone. When you visit, you'll begin to see how I have a serious problem with food, glitter, and nail polish, among other things. There are also a few boards of note as there are musically inclined boards as well as a board that has helpful tools and advice for writers and bloggers, because I'm getting savvy now.You can join me pinning here: []

I'm still on Tumblr...but I have whole brand new one! I had to delete my old one after a layout change screwed things up so I took that as a sign to start over fresh. So if you followed me before on my old Tumblr, just re-follow me again at me new Tumblr spot: []

I'm trying to give myself a better presence on Twitter so I can one of those "social writers". I don't talk about anything remotely omgamazing!! but get me started and I can be pretty random. The blog is in fact updated on there, so if you miss a post, check the Twitter. Also if you want to chat, don't be a stranger, I'm pretty nice, unless provoked...or if don't get my daily dose of chocolate. [@jennifudy]

Most of everything I post here is posted there, but also when I find cool stuff and can't commit to writing about it right at that moment, it'll be on the SoundCloud page. If you didn't already have it bookmarked: [] 
Just me scrolling my current listens. I mostly have it just to see how much music I consume, but you can hit me up with a message or add me if you fancy: []

Oh, and no, I'm not on Facebook. Me and Facebook are not friends.

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