Prepare To 'Xscape' With Michael Jackson

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No April foolin' here as a brand new Michael Jackson project is arriving this year. Yep, you read it right, a new Michael Jackson project is really happening and it's happening with the quickness --- try this May. After receiving access to the treasure trove of unreleased material from the King of Pop, chairman and CEO of Epic Records, L.A. Reid has assembled together a team of hot hitmakers (Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, StargateJerome "Jroc" Harmon) in order to put a "contemporary" spin on eight chosen rares for the Xscape project. Basically, the goal is an imagined "fantasy" of what the King of Pop would sound like in the EDM and future R&B world. Xscape is looking to be one in a series of posthumous releases that will occur possibly under Reid's tutelage as Epic Records has signed a long-term deal with Jackson's estate to release music from Jackson's cavernous sound archives.

Those who are familiar or who downloaded every single rarity they could find when he ultimately passed in 2009 will recall the album title being a song pegged for Jackson's final album, 2001's Invincible, that interestingly featured a brief Kylie Minogue cameo on it, and was dropped all together from the project. The sixteen second clip while mockingly short is indeed the "Xscape" song I have heard, but it seems to have been altered.

A mix of giddiness and groaning comes whenever there is news of posthumous releases, and usually I reserve opinion until the project graces my ears, but this is the King of Pop we're talking about, and after being satisfied with the unreleased material on the extended 25 year anniversary edition of Bad, and noting the official backing this has (as akin to that really weird 2010 collection) I raise a Captain EO plush toy to revitalization.

EDIT: There is a news item going around that D'Angelo, Questlove, and Mary J. Blige are to be involved in the Xscape project as well. While it makes for interesting news, to note, I take this all with a bolder of salt, considering none of the parties involved have come forward to confirm anything this at this time. Rumors, gotta love 'em. 

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