Artist Watch: White Prism

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What attracts me to new names in music is what they are listening to. Sometimes you see it in the bios, what artists they're inspired by and/or what is rotating in their players. Sometimes it's the cover songs they cover. Usually those shoutouts and homages are an indicator of if this artist in question is in fact 'tuned in'. You gotta be if you're serious about the craft. So when I stumbled upon the bio of Australian singer-songwriter White Prism, I noted that she was a Kate Bush fan (like moi) and well, just kind of knew my ear drums would be happy. Digging further, oh looky here, she's lacing her controlled operatic-styled vocals over two re-imagined Kate Bush tracks ("Cloudbursting" and "Never Be Mine") ...and she is doing the dopeness with them. At this point I'm ready to dig deeper and well, well, well she's not only kicking inside a la Bush but is also tilting a hat to '80s New Wave in her original material too. Um, new best friend right there.

White Prism (aka Johanna Cranitch) has got the sterile synth-pop game down pact crafting bite-sized morsels of some scrumptious down-tempo disco. She is currently in the process of getting her second project off the ground, and from what I'm hearing, her latest song is the shimmering "Fool", and its a winner. And yes, I'm late to the hypnotic game that is her 2013 debut EP (which you can hear in full over at her Bandcamp spot) and it features such out-of-time grooves like "Play Me, I Am Yours", and the Ladyhawke-esque afternoon drive of "Song 52". Some sweet, sweet synth serenity at your service.

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