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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stepping aside to let other voices roar out loud...

Though Solange has been shone in a less than flattering light as of recent, music and style critic Diana (aka Duty Free Critic) is here to bring some positive to the table as she reminds us why the younger Knowles is a fashion force to be reckoned with... 

When I think of fashion icons, I often turn to musically inspired ones. The way they tie themes of brazen behavior and quirky aesthetics into stylistic, yet wearable pieces of art makes me giddy just at the thought of it. These efforts remind me that fashion if not anything else, should be fun. How you dress should be an expression of how you’re feeling at a certain moment rather than how you hope someone perceives you. It’s hard to ignore the latter, but a style favorite of mine overlooks it with such ease that she deserves all the acclaim she has gotten. Singer, songwriter and DJ, Solange Knowles is a dynamite combination of musical talent and killer fashion sense. Although some of you may only see her as ‘BeyoncĂ©’s sister,’ for those who respect and recognize her accomplishments, she is so much more.

In regards to her sense of style, Solange’s ability to pair bold colors with mixed prints has stood out to fans in recent years and has become an integral part of her image. Her critically acclaimed 2012 single “Losing You,” presents her personal aesthetics as a gateway into the fashion movement in Africa in a way that is lighthearted, fresh and above all, fun. From that point on, Solange has continued to show her serious interest in fashion, which has garnered her a creative directorship at Puma and more recently, a cover spread with ASOS Magazine. How often do music artists turn their love of colors and retro styles into a fashion career? Not many. Yet, Solange has somehow engineered an experimental saga quite distinct from that of her sister. That is not an easy road to travel and for that, she truly is remarkable.

The Evolution of Solange's Style

Look 1: A few years ago, Solange teamed up with Madewell to showcase her iconic style. Although at this point she already was beginning to set the stage for her classic clashing style, she began with much tamer prints, yet all the while maintaining that chic aesthetic.

Look 2: Glamour Magazine UK captured this street style look here and it again embodies her kaleidoscope beginnings. The great thing about Solange's decision to showcase her natural tight curls is that it has allowed her to wear bold stylistic pieces and look amazing.

Look 3: Solange began to really push her boundaries in 2013 and you can see that here at ESSENCE's fourth annual 'Black Women In Music' event. She was glowing in this short-sleeved striped top and matching skirt and her coral lipstick was a great accenting touch.

Look 4: Is there anyone other than Solange who can pull this look off? She looked flawless in this Kenzo floor length dress that she wore to the 2013 Met Ball. The square slit was a fresh take on the classic A-line slit.

Look 5: In recent months, Solange has tamed down her use of print on print and was seen at Ebay's 'Future of Shopping' event in a printed silk blouse and solid colored black hot pants. Solange is evolving into choosing prints of course, but now sometimes opting to pair it with solid colors.


Diana is a music and style critic at, a fabulous new spot that aids in bridging music and fashion through a rich and colorful lens. In addition, she also harbors a passion for video editing and writing raps/lyrics and she posts her creations on YouTube under the alias M. Dee. You can also find her on her two Twitters (@dutyfreecritic and @mdeemusic) as well as on Pinterest and Instagram

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