Mariah Carey (Finally) Knows What To Do

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Now I've snarked, constructive criticism-ed, and eye-rolled over Mariah Carey and her crusade back to diva prominence with the horribly titled Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse, and merely it's not me being all Regina George and not allowing fetching things to happen, it's because I know Mariah can do better than what output she's been cranking out recently. Well, better she does as she boogie oogies herself right into a hit on her latest single, "You Don't Know What To Do."

With Jermaine Dupri on production duties, Carey throws champagne and razor edged glitter on a clueless loser who is dragging down her game on this sashaying retro disco funk groove, and bravo, bellissimo! for Carey merging into the disco revival lane to join the likes of Daft Punk and a posthumous-Michael Jackson is her finest checkmate yet. She's danced across this lighted floor before, as Glitter's "All My Life" and E=MC2's "I'm That Chick" had her ooze dancing queen charm, but its a smart call to introduce this set (was "Thirsty" really released or was that a nasty fever dream...?) with a track that doesn't age her or make her seem out of pocket. No need for all the vocal gymnastics either as Carey does just fine when she keeps things cooled down and controlled.

The only smudge on the track is Wale, whose presence and catcalling is unnecessary and dates the hell out of these recent singer-rapper repertoire that was pretty much the bread n' butter of the last two decades. Since Carey is one of the first architects of this concept it's obvious to why she can't let old habits die hard, but if we could get a scrubbed up Wale-free version of this, it'd be a boogie wonderland for sure. For now enjoy the trip down stream for both "You Don't Know What To Do" and Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse --- which is surprisingly up on iTunes Radio a week early.

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