Take 5 Friday: Ella Eyre + Panes + Law + Eric Lau & Tawiah + Undeniable

Friday, May 16, 2014

Reheating leftovers of the week...

Go, Go Ella
Lush lock-ed Ella Eyre isn't just one of my hair heroes, but she's of the new breed of talents that I'm rooting for. She's a firecracker, just flaring away fierce, and on her official single, "If I Go" she's singing her ever-loving rump off. Eyre seems to me what Emeli Sande should have been, and it's really no diss to Miss Sande (who I like just fine) it's just when you've got a brassy voice you need to be plastering that force over stalagmite spiked rhythms, and Eyre is just doing the mostness with this joint, and then some. Big things are a'coming. [Listen]

No Bones About It
Another dynamo duo out of London is blurring the lines of R&B and pop, with brushstrokes of rock and trip-hop on top and they go by the name Panes. Consisting of vocalist Tyson McVey and recording engineer Shaun Savage, this twosome arrive on the aural carpet ride that is "Bones Without You", a kaleidoscopic future soul soundscape that just takes you up, up, and up as it glides along. Oh, and it should be noted that McVey is none other than Neneh Cherry's daughter, and well, it's obvious that the torch is being passed --- and blissfully astute I might add. [Listen]

Law & Order 
In the mood for a seedier, less constricted slice of soul? Let newcomer Law (aka Law Holt, aka Lauren Holt) take you the underground. I'm a little late to her Haters & Gangsters project as it was released last year, but it's an atom bomb of soul and hip-hop that is cut n' paste into quite an abstract collage. It's not for those who like their rhythm n' blues all smoothed out, so you've been warned that this is some crunchy stuff. I'm hearing she's prepping a second set to come out later this year, but in the meantime I'm chewing and digesting this. [Listen]

Love Call
The long-awaited joint project from producing wizard Eric Lau and alluring chanteuse Tawiah is here and it is some super mellow soul sweetness. Not surprising at all, considering how wonderful the intro single, "Favorite Truth" was, and how these two could do zydeco for all I care and still make it the most sublime experience in existence. But what really is the surprise is that Love Calls clocks in at 15 minutes, yet when you click it on, it just lingers so divinely. To quote the illustrious words of Atlantic Starr...when 'love calls'...you better answer. [Listen + Purchase]

I already banged on the keys about the Undeniable film project on SoulBounce, but I had to repeat myself because this upcoming documentary about the indie soul movement is appealing on every front. From the sound of it and the voices that are speaking out on it (why hello there Algebra Blessett and Eric Roberson) the film will offer a balance of opinions and really dig into how we digest music nowadays and how the indie route kept soul music alive as well as shifted its game plan for a newer generation. The film will also address the ever elusive indie soul "impostors" because dusting off your middle school recorder and recording yourself playing "Hot Crossed Buns" on your iPhone doesn't mean you're sticking it to the music industry. It takes much more than that, and then some. [Watch Trailer]

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