Take 5 Friday: Low Leaf + Röyksopp/Robyn + Lorde vs. Complex + Naomi Pilgrim + Fatima

Friday, May 2, 2014

Reheating leftovers of the week...

The Prismatic Rise Of Low Leaf
There have been some good little big eclectic albums that have come out this year (Ester Rada's set comes to immediate mind), and my new favorite Low Leaf's Akashaalay is another such aural tapestry that sounds boundless beyond its petite tracklisting. I'll repeat myself again, Akahaalay is "an illustrative swirl of global grooves, acidic jazz and prismatic soul that yells rebelliously with socially tinged ambition" and "is an attention-grabbing adventure and a thought process, a creatively honest welcoming, and an album with an edge that isn't interested in being buffered down." I rest my case. [Stream + Purchase]

Do It Again...And Again...And Again...
Some Scandinavian sizzle at your service. News that Röyksopp and Robyn were reuniting for a joint project and tour came with a lighting bolt crackle early this week, and its aftershock is the premiere of the mini-album's title track. "Do It Again" is a heavy-duty electronic stomper that is manufactured to get several body parts moving. These three just make it sound so damn easy. [Stream]

The Irony Of Lorde vs. Complex
Teen angster Lorde doesn't tread silent. Outside of her music, the "Royals" singer has done lots of verbal boxing towards numerous topics and individuals that don't suit her taste. This past weekend she got in her feelings as she went on a Tumblr tangent after becoming upset over Complex magazine and their scathing review of Iggy Azeala's album, The New Classic. From the paragraph sized rant, she accused Complex of flip-flopping on their opinion of Azeala, as they fawned over her one minute and once the album arrived, they snatched her ponytail and pulled it around the corner and back. I have little opinion about these two (even though I do like "Royals" and appreciate Lorde for being the Daria Morgendorffer  of pop music most of the time), but Lorde's scowling words provoked a fantastic piece from The 405 about music journalism and its presence and aid in this social media age. It also pin-points why Lorde and some of her peers are a part of the pampered n' privileged new breed of artists that knee-jerk at every criticism and how damaging that can be. The piece is something I wish I had written and maybe one day will, but for now I appreciate them calling out Lorde on her silly rant, and for educating people on how music criticism is supposed to work. [Read + Digest]

Enter The House Of Dreams
Naomi Pilgrim is an artist I've been wanting to talk about for some time and now is a time to do so. She's prepping a brand new EP, House Of Dreams, and has released the title track which is pretty much a soundtrack to a surrealistic dream. It's an ode to the homebodies for sure, but it's super layered with pianos, latticed percussion, pop tinted sonic soul harmonies, and it's just so much fun to peel back and enjoy. [Stream]

Fatima Does It Better 
It's been a spell since I've heard from Fatima, as last I engaged was when she teamed up with Funkineven for the cheeky Phoneline EP. According to SoundCloud she's been busy, and will be on the solo tip in about oh, four days when she releases her debut album, Yellow Memories. She shares the elegant bloomer, "Do It Better" and oh. my. goodness. is it good. Brassin' good. Lots of honeyed drippin' brass that is coated over an arrangement that just screams '70s jazz-soul. Phenomenal track. [Stream]

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