I Wish MNEK Would Write A Song About Me...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

...especially if it sounds like this.

I could care less if he was dissing me in the track. In fact, I'd find it a gosh darn honor to be put on blast by someone like MNEK because he is continuing to vocally plow the competition and is bridging the ever loving funk outta electric house with soulful serenading as he once again slam dunks with his latest, "Wrote A Song About You". If you thought "Every Little Word" and its squiggly trap synths buried his vocals just a wee bit, then this track will have you swooning (yes, even you cynics) over how on the nose he merges drum n' bass and '80s R&B with three-piece suit class act croons.

I can't help but love how MNEK, obviously influenced by New Jack crooners of yore, delivers such richly wise-beyond-years toned vocals that briskly break up the monotony of all the over-produced hype out there. As much as I've adored most of what MNEK has put his stamp on, this track is by far his finest creation as its got a lot of nuanced zeal that is just begging to be hit material.

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