Kimbra's Golden Opportunities

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kimbra's The Golden Echo is going to be a surrealistic pillow of awesome. How do I know? Well, the cover art for one, which beautifully screams Salvador Dali as it shows Kimbra in her natural habitat (yes, she's not from this galaxy, note that). Okay, but what about "90s Music"? What about it? It was wild and weird (and was gussied up grandly by M-Phazes) and its music video is even zanier. it's not up to "Cameo Lover" and "Settle Down" standards, but what will? I know sophomore slump when I hear it, and well, The Golden Echo is far from it...well, so far. Yesterday the album's info was officially unveiled along with two brand new tracks that are available for download once you pre-order the set. "Love In High Places" and "Nobody But You" are their names and they are pretty dang wonderful.

I've talked about these two tracks already, but they are too good for me to stop yammering about them, so let me have this. Let me indulge again in the nooks and crannies of "Love In High Places" as it crawls and contorts into swells of bass and percussion, with some Prince-ly diction and moody New Wave keyboards wiggling in. Let me get happy at the 3:20 mark it dips off into a instrumental trance that is pretty much an oxygen tank for the mind. Let me also continue to binge on "Nobody But You" as it rolls on vintage melodic soul-pop themes that are neon-lit with freshness as it fades out into some deliciously crunchy funk beats. Just let me have The Golden Echo now, because I can't wait till August 19 to dream these surrealistic dreams on repeat. I'm impatient and well, it's just not a good look for me.

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