Belanger's Got Mariah Carey Feeling Emotions Again

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I pride myself on the cache of Mariah Carey remixes I have collected over the years. Whether they were bootlegs or crafted by some of the notable spin doctors at the time (Junior Vasquez for the win), I was snatching them up left and right. Most were culled from endless years of scrolling through fan forums and sites. Now mind you this was in the stone age before SoundCloud, Spotify, and all those other spiffy stream services that make remix sharing so simple now. We were using sluggish phones lines and roughing it through sharing sites like Kazaa (ahoy piracy!) back then. I will say I have slipped in these last few years of remix hoarding, but there is just something about a Mariah Carey remix that gets me all nostalgic and wanting to collect again. Well, NYC's Belanger has cooked up all the vintage-y feels for me once again on his re-work of Carey's big 1991 hit, "Emotions".

This refix was released about a week ago (so consider this a throwback to a throwback) but I've been playing it a lot lately while getting my fitness on, and it's perfect to break a sweat to as well as perfect to hear "Emotions" all decked out in a feverish house style. If you need a refresher, "Emotions" was Carey's feel-good summertime stunner that continued you her on a single winning streak, as it was at the time, her 5th #1 single in a row. It was somewhat criticized for sounding a wee bit like The Emotions 1977 smash, "Best Of My Love", then again, it always seemed intentional to me hence the song's title and all. Belanger has a knack for twisting a beloved classic into something fresh, so if you want to feel a new kind of emotion then by all means get caught up.

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