Don't You Dare Cut Off Muhsinah's 'M'

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's been a long time since Muhsinah left us with a dope beat to step to, but in a lot of ways I really don't blame her for her absence. She's been a busy girl, touring and daydreaming and what not, but since I just write about the music I can get forgetful in the midst of sentence building about how much of a mental and physical undertaking it is to create musical art. Mushinah describes it best: “I have a theory that all artists need time off to live so that they have something to write about. We all need that time in order to grow, in order to fail, in order to completely make asses of ourselves." Amen to that.

Described as a 'sonic mood-ring', M took Muhsinah five days of isolation to complete, and as a noted DIY dame, the Virginia native created the entire project from scratch and out of her own home. Her last effort, 2011's Gone, slunk into mid-tempo melancholic, but M isn't as sprawling or as moody as these four tracks are hopped up on endorphins. It still achieves the accessible eclecticism the singer/songwriter is known for, yet M glows on vibrant rhythms and hook-laden choruses that note Muhsinah feigning off abstractness. From highlights like the therapeutic synthesized trap of "Okay", and the Middle-Eastern flourishes on the funky "Cut Off", M is a bouncy, yet maturing affair. Even the downbeat, "Under" feels like it will cheer up at any second. Time off, was time well spent for Muhsinah, and you can carve out some time of your own to pick up this batch of hotness over at her official spot. You can also stream the project after the cut if you want to test drive it before adding it to your collection.

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