Elle Varner Offers Peace & Unity With 'One Love'

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's hard to put into words what has happened over the last couple of days in concerns to the tragic shooting of Mike Brown. Even someone like me, who utilizes words as a means of expression, is finding difficulty to form the right sentences. Since the shooting occurred, followed by its severe and escalating aftermath, I have been reeling in all kinds of emotions from grief, to confusion, to just flat-out rage. Naturally, I turn to music to ease most if not all of my qualms, and as always, just playing a few uplifting songs have healed me back to a somewhat whole.

With all eyes focused on Ferguson, Missouri at current, Elle Varner has also turned to music to soothe tensions as she calls for reflection and unity on her lovely protest song, "One Love". Poignantly relevant, and waxed with heartfelt intent, Varner expresses what's on the tips of everyone's tongue and at the forefront of everyone's minds, urging, over a lush Reggae-tinged beat, to keep striving for change in these troubling yet complex times, and to remember that love is always the incessant healer. Yes, we need to "stay woke", and we need to continue to challenge against violence and racism, but we also need to remember that sometimes from tragedy blooms positive changes. We just have to keep holding on together to get there.

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