Gathering Up Lemongrass & Limeleaves With Sasha Keable

Monday, August 18, 2014

'Lemongrass and Limeleaves' sound like the key ingredients to some sort of earthy culinary concoction found on Pinterest, but it is actually the namesake of South Londoner Sasha Keable's second offering. With there being so much talent pouring out of the London area it's difficult to keep up (hence why I'm just now getting around to talking about Miss Keable!), and it's difficult to distinguish which is worthy of lending an ear to as due to such 'supply and demand' we've heard a lot of retreading. Safe to say Sasha Keable's brand of electronic flourished R&B and mood swing house bubbles to the top of the batch, beginning first with last year's Black Book EP where she flexed vocal know-how and a lyrical sheet that introduced her talent for biting word play. 

With Lemongrass and Limeleaves, Keable is still riffing on heartbreak and redemption, but the musical backdrop has delved deeper into engulfing synth tinged R&B, with the craftwork taking more artistic turns. The twilight soul of opener "Living Without You" fantastically dabbles in the darkest corners of mid-'80s R&B and Freestyle complete with a lonesome jazz horn at fade-out, while "Memory" blends murky piano chords and bass-lined percussion with Keable taking vocal diction pages from Amel Larrieux. If you think Keable is all gloom and doom, she emerges from her morose moods to bounce a little on the brass peppered "Sweetest Talk", and it's a highlight for sure. Over before one would want, Lemongrass and Limeleaves has Keable succeeding beyond her debut with a four-track starter on what it is to be futuristic yet bitingly soulful. Get Lemongrass and Limeleaves for free by giving up an e-mail address at Miss Keable's official spot.  

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