Rock With Rachel Foxx

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I was thinking we hit a zenith point to the '90s nostalgia when the unauthorized travesty that was the Saved By The Bell movie premiered on Lifetime over the Labor Day weekend, but since the flick felt like secondhand embarrassment for all those involved, and didn't cover the glorious fever dream that was Zack Attack (still sore about that...) as well as there not being a scrunchie or a teased bang in sight, we still have a ways to go before we begin to back away from the '90s as source for our present culture. Actually I'm quite here for a lot of the '90s throwbacking that's going on, and maybe that's because it was the era of my upbringing, and let go of it I can't.

Newcomer Rachel Foxx's self-titled debut EP is getting some buzz because it harbors that distinctive '90s sound that is all the rage right now as it coasts on Aaliyah-y themes, but Rochelle Jordan she's not, as Foxx's low-key and jazz-minded sound really reminds me of Zhane's great Saturday Night album, with the rich tones of Goapele and Adriana Evans sneaking through. Foxx, yet another stunner from London town, has her brief EP crafted six tracks deep, as she turns down the lights and takes you into such nocturnal moves like the piano laced "Before You", and the seducing opener. Personal favorite, "Rock With Me" is about as "up-tempo" as you'll get on this set, as it bounces or rather glides into a laid-back vibe that Alicia Keys captured on her first two albums (nods to "Troubles" and "Diary").

Distancing itself wonderfully from the synthesized future soul that is being churned at a conveyor belt pace at current, Rachel Foxx has the keen sense to show us the other side of '90s R&B, the side that had a bit more yearn in it and a bunch more blue lights turned on in its basement. Keep this one spinning well into next year.

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