Corinne Bailey Rae Lets Paul McCartney's "Bluebird" Take Flight

Monday, October 27, 2014

It has been a few years since The Sea was released, but Corinne Bailey Rae has made quiet little sparks every now and again, once giving soundtrack love ("Chains") and even reworking a classic ("Is This Love") in those flickers of light. She's back to court with a cover and this time she's putting the sweet acoustic soul stirrings on Paul McCartney and Wings"Bluebird". Rae captures the original 1973 single with her class and astute musical ear, lining it in a plush bluesy interior that gives one of Band On The Run's most beloved tracks quite a lovely revamp.

The track should match well among the many other McCartney covers that are to appear on a forthcoming compilation entitled, The Art Of McCartney, which will explore and celebrate the legendary former Beatle and his catalog of solo and Wings-era work. For The Art Of McCartney, Rae will be in good company with the likes of Bob Dylan, BB King, Smokey Robinson, Willie Nelson, and many other legendary voices who are also featured on the project. Take flight after the cut.


  1. Is this the official lyric video?

  2. To my knowledge it is...though there aren't any lyrics, just images. It seems to be distributed through the official site for the 'Art Of McCartney' album as the logo is present.

  3. Actually, after I wrote on your blog I realized it wasn't the official lyric video. That would be amazing if those two did a duet. I never realized they had such similar vocal styles. Also, random, but could you send me the link to that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie book you recommended to me a few months ago?

  4. It would be great if they did do a duet, but maybe that'll come in due time. I'm just glad Corinne has got something new to listen to!

    About the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie book: Check Amazon. Also for future reference, make sure that if you want to talk about something from my Jen On The Rocks blog, make sure to do it there as I want to keep the topics on Audio Diva strictly music related, thanks :-)

  5. Same. I was wondering when that girl would come back.

    And of course. I actually had forgotten we talked about it over there.


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