Take 5 Friday: Andy Allo + Mayer Hawthorne + Ekkah + Kwaye + Shura

Friday, October 17, 2014

Reheating leftovers of the week....

Feeling Tongue Tied
Though she's a featured guest on Prince's latest set, Art Official Age (which I still haven't taken for a spin yet...), Andy Allo is back to her solo tricks again for an upcoming soon-to-be-titled EP. She quietly dropped the first impression, "Tongue Tied", a fizzy guitar-pop number that is truly a stark departure from the funky stuff she unleashed on her last effort, 2012's Superconductor. Allo truly backs away from her Prince principles on this one, but it's spacious and sunny, and I can just bet that you'll be humming it for the rest of the weekend because it is that catchy. Don't say I didn't warn you... [Listen]

Staying Put
Why hasn't Mayer Hawthorne thought of doing a covers album yet? He's so good at them. He's especially good at taking songs that people have probably heard a billion times and he makes it seem like it came fresh off the wax yesterday. He did it with Lorde, and now he's doing it with Rihanna. Like I said before, I usually like Rihanna when she's throwing shade on social media or when she struts down the red carpet in fierce attire, but her "music" leaves a lot to be desired, hence why it was super easy for me to enjoy Hawthorne's take of "Stay" so much. He fills in the vocal blanks, fluffs it up with some plush '60s soul, and completely makes it his own. [Listen

Last Chance, Last Dance
Though its difficult to take "Figure It Out" out of rotation, Ekkah, the BFF duo from the UK, have a new slice of catchy pie for us to dine on. Considering that there is 'dance' in the title, it's what you must do when you hear "Last Chance To Dance" as you get swept up in the soft disco-pop twinkle of it all. The song is the first inkling towards Ekkah's upcoming EP, which will be out November 24th, and I'm going to be all over that when it drops. [Listen]

This Is For The Cool In You
Kwaye is yet another singer/songwriter out of London whose got a sense of what it means to be synth and wavy in 2014, and he falls right in line with other '80s baby practitioners like Dornik and Blood Orange with his single, "Cool Kids". It's chic and sleek and feels like 1985 (synth-soul bands like Imagination and Loose Ends come to mind), as Kwaye croons about defining your own personal brand of  "cool". Listen while you lounge in the shade... [Listen]

It's Indecision
For another shot of brisk modern aged '80s, Shrua is back for round 3 with latest single, "Indecision". Her last single, the sweet and fragile, "Just Once" was pretty impeccable, so "Indecision" slightly pales in comparison, but it still has got a nice satiny groove that could give Jessie Ware a run for her money. [Listen]

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